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Adopt-A-Grandparent Balloon Buddy

The quarantine has been particularly difficult for grandparents and seniors living in facilities who have not been able to have visitors. This is a national movement  to spread love and joy by adopting seniors/grandparents who reside in assisted living facilities. We want them to know they are missed, and they are loved!

How does Adopt-A-Grandparent work?

1.  We deliver one "Smiling Balloon Buddy" to every Adopted resident in Fredericksburg Assisted Living Community. This program will run through Spring, with a new community chosen after one is complete.  

Carriage Hill Health & Rehab Center is the first community.  They have 107 residents.  Once all 107 grandparents are adopted, we begin the construction and delivery process. 

2.  Each Grandma/Grandpa receives a Balloon Buddy and a positive gift tag.

3.  Upon delivery, we take either photos or a video of the delivery.  We won't be able to go inside, unfortunately. We will post pictures on our FB page. 

4.  Next, we start the adoption process over for the next Assisted Living Community which will be Cardinal Village so we can spread love to more adopted Fredericksburg grandparents.  

Moore’s Balloon Decor and its partners are providing free delivery to each Assisted Living Community. Thus it takes community volunteers and business, church, and organization sponsorships to reach them all.

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